Wireless Door Answering and Viewing

We love this new product we are selling . The price is right, installation is super easy, and it offers some great security for folks who want to know who is at the door before they answer it. Check it out here

Lotshine Wireless Door Answering Camera and Viewer 

If you would like to see who is at your door without opening the door, this is the product for you.  With a battery operated wireless camera and viewer, installation is quick and easy.  If that isn’t enough, the price is unbeatable.  A screwdriver and drill is all you need to quickly install this system in your front door. The screen is large and clear.

The Lotshine SL-001 is a  digital anti-theft peep viewer you can use to see who is on the other side of  your door. You can also  hear the voice/sound. Included in the package is an HD camera,TFT-LCD display screen, a choice of ringtones, and adjustable volume.

  • Traditional peep holes offer obstacles like poor image quality and a height that cannot be reached by everyone.
  • The Wireless camera and viewer offers a clear image on a lcd screen, easy diy installation, and bush button activation.
  • Door chime feature is activated by a push button on the outside camera

Features :

1.Rechargeable Li-ion battery

2.Anti-theft vandal proof alarm features

3.OSD operation menu and time display

4.Backlight compensation

5.Zoom feature

6.Can store above 200pcs mega-pixel photos.SD card slot for option

7.Wide angle camera(90 degree,120 degree for option)

8.Installation :Fits doors up tp 3.9″ thick.

9.Indoor unit dimension:3.34″ x 4.32″ x .78″

10.Outdoor unit dimension: 1.9″ x .47″.


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